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For previous years (2012-2018) see the links on the Whitlingham Bird List page.

Whitlingham Species Guides

Whilst visiting Whitlingham I have recorded over 1200 species, and have decided to turn these records into a series of downloadable species guides and checklists. In some cases I have been able to add in records from the county database and/or local naturalists. These guides will be updated periodically to add new records and information. Feel free to download them and print them off if you find them useful.

As always if you spot any mistakes, can add information or have seen something that I am not aware of then please email me (details on the main blog).

Birds - there is no guide for birds as Justin & I are hoping to compose that one in book form, however I compile an annual bird report, and 2012-2019 reports are all available to download from the Whitlingham Bird List tab.
Whitlingham Mammal Guide Updated 25/12/15 - Harvest Mouse added


Whitlingham Butterfly Guide Updated 21/08/15
Whitlingham Macro Moth checklist 21/08/15
Whitlingham Micro Moth checklist updated 16/03/18
Whitlingham Leaf-miners part 1 (Leaf mines on trees) updated 26/10/19 - new species added
Whitlingham Leaf-miners part 2 (leaf mines in herbaceous plants) 07/12/19 - new species added
Whitlingham Dragonfly and Damselfly Guide Updated 04/05/19 - Variable Damselfly added
Whitlingham Grasshopper & Cricket Guide 22/08/15
Whitlingham Shieldbugs & allies Guide 19/09/19 - Rhopalus subrufus added
Whitlingham Hoverflies Guide 20/01/20 - New species and photos added
Whitlingham Soldierflies & allies Guide New guide 04/05/19
Whitlingham Beetles part 1 checklist 17/03/18
Whitlingham Beetles part 2 Ladybirds Guide Updated 12/05/19 - 10-spot Ladybird added

Whitlingham Beetles part 3 Longhorn Beetles 17/09/19
Whitlingham Beetles part 4 Soldier Beetles 17/09/19
Whitlingham Craneflies Guide Updated 18/05/19 - 2 new species added
Whitlingham Plant Galls 20/12/18
Whitlingham Sawflies Updated 17/09/19 
Whitlingham Bees NEW GUIDE 24/09/19

Whitlingham Flowering Plants - Checklist 12/07/15
Whitlingham Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) - checklist - last updated 16/03/18.

Fungi and lichens

Whitlingham Fungi Checklist NEW GUIDE 26/10/19
Whitlingham Fungi Guide - Part 1 (Bracket Fungi) 25/08/15

 Latest guide:

Whitlingham Bee guide


  1. Thank you for this site James. Very nicely done and bookmarked. I am often there with my camera. I note in your bird guide that you have spotted Arctic Terns (in 2010). I think, I saw an Arctic Tern on UEA Broad last week - have you heard of any other sitings recently? Good luck with your Bird Guide book! Pat

    1. Hi Pat, thanks very much for your comment. Any terns seen inland around this time are highly likely to be Common Terns. There are currently three at Whitlingham and I saw some at Ormesby yesterday. Arctic Terns are only seen inland on passage. At Whitlingham as far as I know all of the records have been from April/May. At UEA and Colney GPs there are occasionally reports of birds migrating back in mid-August, but I don't think there has been any seen in July.

      Common and Arcitc Terns can be tricky to separate as summer progresses, if you are interested the BTO produced a video a while back with some useful tips:

      All the best,