The Whitlingham Bird Report 2017 can be viewed or downloaded here. For previous years (2012-2016) see the links on the Whitlingham Bird List page.

You may also be interested in Chris Durdin's Thorpe Marsh Wildlife Report for 2017, which is available

Whitlingham Lichens

Whitlingham Lichens photo page

If you notice any pictures that are mis-identified, can identify any of the unknown ones or spot extra species in the background then please use the comments to set me right, or email me (address on the main Birds and Beer blog).

 Diploicia canescens
 Flavoparmelia caperata
 Lecanora chlarotera
 Lecanora albescens (this one has been identified by the county recorder)
 Lecidella eleaochroma
 Physcia tenella
 Parmelia sulcata
Xanthoria parietina (the yellow one. The greeny one may be Evernia prunastri)
 I'm not sure whether these black growths are actually lichens

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