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WHITLINGHAM: Butterflies galore

7th August 2013

I braved the summer crowds for an afternoon walk at Whitlingham. This year has seen something of an influx of Clouded Yellow butterflies, so I thought I'd have a look for a patch one. I didn't find any, but did manage 14 species, my highest single day count here. This included a Painted Lady and three Common Blues, which I have presumably seen here before and not noted. This became my 20th patch butterfly, with the only likely addition being Purple Hairstreak, of which I still think there must be some nearby. I also found a colony of Roesel's Bush Crickets, lots of Long-winged Coneheads and a Common Blue Damselfly with a non-goblet shaped marking.

On the bird front there are still at least four Common Terns on the Great Broad. Three large Great-crested Grebelings were on the river, still being fed by an adult, whilst across the river at Thorpe Tufted Ducks have bred for the first time in a while - a female and six young were on the shingle spit.

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