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You may also be interested in Chris Durdin's Thorpe Marsh Wildlife Report for 2016, which is available

THORPE MARSH: Buzzard but no Emeralds

5th October 2014

I made a brief visit to Thorpe Marsh to see if anything new had turned up. I scrutinised the trees that line the ditches in the hope of seeing my first patch Willow Emerald damselfly, without success. Most of the scrape was hidden from view by the vegetation, so I carried on along the path where I met another birder and we stopped to scan the marsh. A Common Buzzard flew in and landed on one of the dead trees, probably the first time I have actually seen one perched up here. It was mobbed by several Magpies, before they went and got some Carrion Crow backup to eventually shift the Buzzard. Whilst watching a Grey Heron fly over a Hobby flew past, but I missed it (well I saw it, but as an unidentified black dot, so I'm not counting it). I continued my lap, but the broad was almost devoid of birds and nothing much else was around.

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