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MID-NORFOLK: Skylarks at Yaxham

13th March 2016

On Saturday Cathy & I attended a wedding in Swanton Morley. It was the last wedding of my high school friendship group, so rather than drive back to Norwich afterwards we stayed over nearby at Yaxham Mill. It would have been closer to stay in Dereham, but Yaxham offered more rural and interesting accomodation.

We got up on Sunday morning and could immediately hear Skylarks singing close by. We went for breakfast in a room at the base of the old mill, and as the day was bright they left the outside door open. Whilst eating we could hear the chirrupping of House Sparrows opposite the room, whilst the Skylarks were still singing all around the mill. The half-hour we spent having breakfast, being serenaded by Skylarks and House Sparrows, was a really relaxing experience. I head out of the city quite regularly, but usually do do something specific or to do some species recording, so sometimes it takes something like an event like this to allow you to just stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside.

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