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LONDON: Hampton Court wildlife

29th April 2017

Over the bank holiday Cathy & I headed south, where we went to Hampton Court to see the Tudor palace and gardens. It was primarily a historical visit, however there were a number of interesting wildlife sightings as we made our way round. 

Before entering the main courtyard Mistletoe was in evidence on several large trees. Throughout the day we saw many Ring-necked Parakeets, which we still see infrequently enough to be a novelty.

On a Pear tree up against a wall I noticed the case of a Coleophora moth. John Langmaid kindly identified it for me as Coleophora hemerobiella, a good record for me as it is scarce/under-recorded in Norfolk so I've not come across it closer to home. Some Red Currant leaves were galled, and underneath them I spotted some aphids. As I suspected, it was the aphids (Cryptomyzus ribis) that had caused the galls.

The architecture, artwork and collections were all very nice too.

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