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WHITLINGHAM: Water Scorpion & other inverts

7th June 2016

The weather since Sunday had been rather rough, so a sunny spell on Wednesday evening was my first opportunity to head back to Whitlingham to try to photograph the Lesser Emperor(s). Unfortunately the winds were still strong, and I didn't see a single dragonfly. I would expect that they are still present, so please keep an eye out if you are there.

Whilst checking the bays for dragonflies I saw a Water Scorpion, which would have been unexpected had Murray not photographed one here on Monday. As well as the regular things like Swollen-thighed beetles and Malachite Beetles, a small beetle with a pointy rear was identified as Tumbling Flower Beetle by Martin Collier (the county beetle recorder) and was a new one for me. A lacehopper, Cixius nervosus, was a patch tick, as was White-barred Tortrix moth.

 Tumbling Flower Beetle
 Water Scorpion
 Malachite Beetle
 Cixius nervosus
White-barred Tortrix

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