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SUFFOLK: Lakenheath Fen camping

2nd & 3rd July 2011

On Saturday Cathy & I went to Lakenheath Fen for their "wild camp out". We had a tour of the reserve just before dusk, seeing a Kingfisher and a Barn Owl amongst others whilst watching the sun set over the reserve. We then had a hot drink and retired to our tent whilst a couple of moth traps were set up. At various points in the night I awoke to hear Grasshopper Warblers reeling nearby, whilst one of the wardens was awoken by Cranes flying over!

Waking the next morning after a chilly night we had a bacon roll then went to inspect the catch. Unfortunately the traps werent set up in areas favourable to the Lakenheath speciality (Marsh Carpet), but we did get Elephant Hawk, Eyed Hawk and Garden Tiger to keep the kids happy, and a couple of reed specialist Pyralids and a Southern Wainscot which were lifers for me. As the sun rose we saw our first Small Skippers of the year, and several Brown Hawkers were patrolling the reserve.

Young Bearded Tits flit amongst the reeds


  1. Oh to be awakened by the sound of cranes overhead.

  2. If it happened now and again then I agree, but if you lived on a flightpath I think you'd get tired of it ;-)