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WHITLINGHAM: Flyovers. You've got to love them.

31st July 2011

A lazy morning in Lakenham was interrupted when I found out that an Osprey had just been seen over South Tuckswood. This is just the other side of the ring road from Cathy's house, and with no details as to what direction it was heading (maybe it was just circling, daring people to make a move) we went out into the garden and looked south, hoping that it would glide past. It didn't. We were going to Royston later, so a proper search was out of the question, but Margaret offered to drive down to Whitlingham before we went so that I could satisfy myself that there wasn't an Osprey perched up on my patch laughing at me. Whitlingham was packed with people and boats, and no self-respecting Osprey would have done anything other than fly over. Looking on the bright side it would be better to find one out of the blue rather than semi-twitch one I suppose.

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