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The previous reports are also availble: 2015 here,
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You may also be interested in Chris Durdin's Thorpe Marsh Wildlife Report for 2016, which is available


18th February 2012

A last visit to Whitlingham of my week off.  Had the Great White Egret still been showing at Colney I may well have headed there, but it proved to be a blessing in disguise.  The large amount of canoeists on both broads appeared to have moved off most of the wildfowl, so I headed for the conservation area in the hope of finding the remnants.  On the way I picked up a Peregrine over Thorpe, and it continued on its way over the Great Broad, allowing excellent views as it cruised past.  From the bird screen I looked out over the water, which was being whipped up by strong winds.  Along the far bank an unusual duck swam out from behind one of the smaller islands - a female Pintail!  I walked round to the riverbank to get a better view, and found a second bird. After 10 minutes or so they drifted into a small bay that you can't see from the path.  Another excellent patch bird!

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