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WHITLINGHAM: Evening visit 1

20th August 2015

After work I headed down to Whitlingham for half an hour. Walking along the south shore I decided that rather than ignore the flies I should really take some photos and see if I could identify any. It wasn't very sunny, but I did find one obliging fly, which I believe is Dexia rustica. Other species of interest were a Speckled Bush-cricket and several 22-spot Ladybirds. Near the visitors centre I noticed a Grey Dagger caterpillar, some Canadian Fleabane and a rust on Common Mallow, so quite a productive trip in the end. There was also a hoverfly hovering near the lime tree avenue that I'm sure would have been new if it had landed and let me see it properly.

929. Dexia rustica
930. Grey Dagger moth caterpillar
931. Canadian Fleabane
932. Hollyhock Rust Puccinia malvacearum, on Common Mallow

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