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Whitlingham Species Guides

During my visits to Whitlingham I have recorded over 1200 species, and have also spent time researching previous records and gathering information from other local naturalists. In order to share this information I have produced a series of checklists and species guides - feel free to download and/or print them off for personal or educational use if you wish.

The guides will be updated periodically to add new records and information. As always if you spot any mistakes, can add information, additional sightings or photos that I can use then please email me (details on the main blog).


Birds checklist
Note that it is the intention of the author to eventually publish a book about the birds of Whitlingham in conjunction with Justin Lansdell, so this is merely a short checklist of the species reported from Whitlingham. For more details see the annual Whitlingham Bird Reports contained on the relevant blog page.


Beetles part 1 checklist
Beetles part 2 Ladybirds
Beetles part 3 Longhorn Beetles
Beetles part 4 Soldier Beetles
Beetles part 5 Seed and Leaf Beetles
Beetles part 6 Weevils
Beetles part 7 Scarabs and Chafers

Bugs part 1 checklist
Bugs part 2 Shieldbugs and allies
Bugs part 3 Plant bugs and allies
Bugs part 4 Water bugs (not written yet)
Bugs part 5 Planthoppers
Bugs part 6 Aphids (in progress)

Flies part 1 checklist
Flies part 2 Hoverflies 
(Checklists and then a series of photo guides, aiming to illustrate as many of the recorded species as possible)
Bryophytes checklist
Flowering plants guide 1 - checklist
Flowering plants guide 2 - Ranunculaceae
Flowering plants guide 3 - Caryophyllaceae 
Flowering plants guide 4 - Polygonaceae 
Flowering plants guide 5 - Violets etc 
Flowering plants guide 6 - Cruciferae
Flowering plants guide 7 - Primulaceae
Flowering plants guide 8 - Rosaceae
Flowering plants guide 9 - Fabaceae
Flowering plants guide 10 -  Onagraceae etc
Flowering plants guide 11 - Geraniums etc.
Flowering plants guide 12 - Apiaceae
Flowering plants guide 13 - Gentianaceae
Flowering plants guide 14 - Boraginaceae
Flowering plants guide 15 - Lamiacaea
Flowering plants guide 16 - Scrophulaceae
Flowering plants guide 17 - Rubiaceae (in progress)
Flowering plants guide 18 - Asteraceae
Ferns and horsetails (in progress) 


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