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Birding in August - suggestions please!

Shortly I depart for the Latitude Festival, and after that I am in the unfamiliar position of having August off! However, as birding goes, August wouldn't be my pick of the months. I intend to go seawatching towards the latter end, but I would appreciate any suggestions of places to go in Norfolk to get the most out of the summer break. Failing that, pubs that I can birdwatch from (e.g. the Dun Cow) would also be welcome!


  1. you lucky bugger, just started a job and wish I was back on the dole (not really - i'm working in quite a good location ; - ) Seawatch whenever the conditions look good, evenings can be good, most of the adult LTS come throu in Aug with juvs following, Blakeney can be good even in marginal conditions for Wryneck, Tawny Pip etc, but for inspiration check the '07 Greenish fall. Waders as well, Cantley, Breydon and Snettisham, the day AFTER big seawatches often produce. I'd say Aug is about the 4th or 5th best month of the year.

  2. As Josh says, August is probably the best month for waders - e.g. Pec Sand. Cantley and Buckenham get checked less than the other sites, and if you're going to do those you might as well take in Rush Hill scrape. The other place that doesn't get checked as much is Burnham Marshes, but it can be quite dry there in Aug. Of course, the whole north coast is good and it's hard to chose between say Stiffkey & Arnold's Marsh. Falls in late Aug / early Sep are often more spectacular than at any other time (e.g. the Greenish fall Josh mentions). Mostly because of the huge numbers of commoner migrants such as Pied Flys and Redstarts though, but I do remember finding 4 wrynecks in 1 day on Blakeney Point. Seawatching also good. Seems to be good numbers of Balearics down here again this year.

  3. Cheers for the input. I plan to walk the point at least once, and probably have a day at Muckleburgh and Kelling. Long-tailed Skua is a bird I'd like to get, most of last years influx was at the start of September if I recall, but I'll be genning up on juveniles to be ready from mid-august for seawatching.