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30 THINGS: 10/30 Earthstar sp.

23rd September 2014

Just over a week ago Ian Senior found some earthstars in Earlham Cemetery which looked different from the ones he had seen there previously. As I hadn't seen any earthstars around Norwich I was keen to have a look, particularly as they were one of my '30 things to look for'. Ian kindly emailed me directions, so after work Cathy & I went to have a look. They took some finding, as they were along the edge of a path and had been knocked over. Definitely a new species for me as I have only seen the larger Collared Earthstar, but the actual species is still being confirmed (they are probably Sessile Earthstars).

Earlham Cemetery also hosts the last remaining fungus on this years target list (Parrot Waxcap), but unfortunately the best areas for Waxcaps had recently been mown. Amongst the grassy debris I did find a couple of Blackening Waxcaps, which I haven't seen around Norwich before. There were a few other bits and bobs too - Cathy found lots of earthballs and one tree stump was surrounded by Giant Polypore.


  1. Nice pics James. I have seen Earthstar sp. recently at Holme & Burnham Overy Dunes if you are interested.

  2. Hi Jim, thanks for letting me know. Holkham/Burnham Overy is one of, if not the best site for different Earthstars in Norfolk. I have seen several photos online recently of the rare Tiny Earthstar taken at Burnham, so it may well be that you saw. I'm not sure which species they get at Holme, but Rob has seen quite a few species there that I'm envious of!
    All the best, James.