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NORTH NORFOLK: Obligatory Shrike post

11th October 2014

Having not been to see Norfolk's first Steppe Grey Shrike* last Sunday, I had been admiring the many photos of it to hit the web. Thankfully it did the decent thing and stayed until the weekend, so Cathy & I headed to Burnham Norton to have a look. Luckily for us the forecast storms didn't happen until the evening and we got excellent views of the Steppe Grey Shrike with just a little bit of rain. This also allowed us to bust the myth that cows lay down when it's going to rain, as only one cow was laying down before and during the rain. The moral of the story? Don't trust cows. Oh, and take a waterproof coat with you when you go out in the autumn.

"Rain? We only sit down for hail or earthquakes"

* The name 'Steppe Grey Shrike' is a bit of a misnomer and may be changed in the future, along with much of the Grey Shrike taxonomy. Currently it is treated as a subspecies of Southern Grey Shrike.

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