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NORWICH: An abundance of mildews and other plant fungi

September 2021

Wildlife recording during September was mostly incidental as I went about my business in Norwich. As we entered autumn plant fungi, particularly mildews, became more obvious, and I made an effort to check out quite a few of them by carrying around a bag and taking the odd leaf. Here are some of the highlights.

Entyloma cosmi - a white smut on Cosmos, flagged up by Stewart Wright. Present in the UK for a few years although overlooked and not officially on the UK list yet. This was at Waterloo Park.
Erysiphe aquilegiae on Columbine
Erysiphe berberidis on Mahonia
Erysiphe platani on London Plane
Erysiphe platani microsopy
Erysiphe symphiocarpi on Snowberry
Erysiphe symphiocarpi microscopy - pacman like!
Ampelomyces quisqualis picnidia - a mycoparasitic fungus that parasitises mildews
Erysiphe knautia on Scabious, parasitised by the species above
Phrgamidium tuberculosum on Rose
Phrgamidium tuberculosum teliospores

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