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Whitlingham ice rink

4th January 2010
Yes that's right folks, the GN Diver is still here so why not come and slide your way around the huge ice basin. All of the Little Broad and most of the Great Broad was completely frozen when I arrived. The Great Northern Diver and Ruddy Duck were still about, but it looks like the Smew has buggered off. Adam had seen the Shag early morning, but I couldn't locate it. Around 100 Teal had managed to keep a small amount of water near the island ice free. Around 20 Snipe were around the edges, and I fortuitously found a Jack Snipe.
The conservation area bay was frozen completely, but the alders held a small group of Redpoll, all Lesser that I could see. Long-tailed Tit was a whit-year tick. Finally scanning through the masses of gulls standing on the ice paid off as I refound a Little Gull that had been seen earlier in the day (and possibly on the 1st as well, I vaguely remember someone mentioning seeing one). A paltry 2 Siskin were in the alders along the Little Broad, and 2 Collared Doves were in the Little Broad car park.

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