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NORWICH: Rosary Cemetery & Carey's Meadow

23rd February 2011
Taking advantage of the sunny weather Cathy & I went for a walk in Rosary Cemetery. We saw the expected selection of common woodland birds, but the main attraction at this time of year is the crocuses that carpet large areas. Add in the Snowdrops, Aconites and first Primroses of the year and its got to be one of the nicest areas to spend some time near the city. The warm weather had brought large numbers of 7-spot Ladybirds out, mostly in the ivy.
Afterwards we had a quick walk around Carey's Meadow. Most of the vegetation has been cut back to allow new growth, but we did get good views of a Green Woodpecker under one of the small trees. On the way back we intended to have a drink at the Mustard Pot, but it only opens at 4pm! What is the world coming to?

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