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WHITLINGHAM: Week 7 - Black Swan (no, not the weird ballet film)

13th February 2011

Trowse Meadows were short on birds, but some territorial Egyptian Geese stopped it from being quiet. A Marsh Tit was in the hedge along Whitlingham Lane. At the country park there was a notable increase in bird song from the previous week, and there has been a noticeable clearout of Gadwall and Coot from both broads. The area around the slipway had been chained off by the Norwich Yacht Club. This group of eccentric individuals used to walk along the bank of the broad every so often racing their model boats, but now appear to have become more organised. Presumably its a once-a-month job, but it does seem to set a precedent for allowing groups to close bits off, which is rather annoying bearing in mind that the North shore of the Little Broad is now private and the Great Broad is often disturbed by watersports. Maybe I can have one day a month to set up a watchtower and shoot dogs that are being allowed to attack swans.

I had presumed that the missing Gadwall and Coot would be in the conservation area bay, but it seems they have just gone. A few Teal, Pochard and Shoveler remained, and there was a raft of loafing gulls, 150+ Black-headed and c20 Common. It started to drizzle, and the day was only redeemed in part by the re-appearance of the Black Swan.

Aussie vagrant


  1. Hi there, I saw the black swan at the baclk of the little broad yestarday, seemed pretty friendly!

  2. Yeah the Black Swan is no-where near as aggressive as the Mute Swans. Hopefully the Bewick's Swan from the city centre will join them on the Little broad!