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NORWICH: Waxwings & Peregrine update

21st March 2013

No sign of spring so far, but a couple of good sightings so far this week. On Monday I saw two Goldcrests in a tree on Riverside road, and this afternoon I found a flock of Waxwings on Magdalen Road. They were flying between the telephone wires and a bush out the front of the Dyer's Arms pub, before a double-decker bus went past and they all flew up into an Alder just round the corner off Lawson Road.

In further Norwich birding news I have been having a look at the Peregrines webcam recently, and noticed yesterday that one of the pair was nestling down in the empty hollow that passes as a nest. This made sense today when an egg was laid, about the same time as the first egg was laid last year. You can of course follow the pair via the Hawk and Owl Trust webcam - it is likely that another two or three eggs will be laid in the next week or so.

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