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Rush Hills

8th August 2009

Me & Adam got a lift to Potter church, and walked along Weaver's Way to the hide overlooking Rush Hills. It quickly became apparent that the Pec Sandpiper had gone (either to Swim Coots or just left!). Nevertheless we spent an hour and a bit trying to identify waders in the heat haze before giving up. Of what we could see, a Wood Sandpiper was the best of the bunch, being a long overdue year tick. We walked back along the footpath towards Hickling, seeing lots of fungi, and a pale-phase Buzzard being mobbed by a wader. As we waited to be picked up, a number of Yellowhammers were singing.
Note: A Baird's Sandpiper was seen at Rush Hills after we left. Damn.
A Shag along the River Wensum in Norwich (make up your own "Shag on Riverside" joke) would be my first for the Norwich area, but as Norwich City are currently 1-6 down, I don't think visiting that area is a good idea at the moment!
We lost 1-7. Darn. After giving the crowds an hour to disperse, I did go for a look, with negative results (i.e. no Shag). Snigger.
It was then seen in the exact place we were looking 30 minutes later. Double damn.

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