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Eaton Park moth night

3rd July 2010
As part of a drive to encourage people to use Eaton Park, the friends of Eaton Park organised a moth night. Around 30 people turned up, and Peter Walton was part way through his introduction when classical music started from the rotunda. Apparently its a new deterrent to stop troublemaking young people from loitering. Rather amusingly despite the people who had it installed being present, they couldnt turn it off, so we passed around moths to music.
So the important question, does it work? No. Two teenagers walked into the rotunda and started to slow-dance, which was quite funny, but most of the other groups of young people (or nomadic tribespeople, it was dark by now) just shuffled through and loitered out of earshot. Most just made tired "I've got moths in my wallet" jokes, although two drunks did come over and pestered everyone for rizzlers. Anyway, a mediocre 14 species of moth were caught, the most spectacular a Lime Hawk Moth and scarcest a Clay Triple Lines.

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