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18th June 2013

A Roller found near Holt on Sunday afternoon was a bird that I particularly wanted to see, but it wasn't until Tuesday evening that I had time to go for a look. I managed to borrow the car from Margaret after work, and Cathy & I headed to Edgefield. The bird had been commuting between the woods to the west of the main road and the Lowes to the east, so our first job was to ascertain where the bird was. A birder at the car park told us that the bird was on the lowes, so we set off east. 1.5 miles later we arrived to find a small group of birders. I'm pretty sure that it would have been quicker to walk from Holt C.P. car park, but I guess if the bird had been at Edgefield it would have been much further so worth hedging our bets.

Anyway, we were there, and a birder kindly allowed us a view of the Roller through his 'scope. It was perched up in a deciduous tree and we were able to watch it fly from tree to tree. At one point it flew down to a manure heap (I'm not convinces it actually was a manure heap, where would all the manure come from? But it did look like one), seized an item of prey and then went back to eat it. Views were good although distant, nicely complemented the Upper Hollesley bird, which had shown well but not flown around much.

We took a different route back to the car, seeing a Woodlark and Wood Horsetail at its only Norfolk site. This was my second Norfolk tick of the year, following on from the Thetford Dipper.

Wood Horsetail

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