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NORWICH: Yet more Earlham Cemetery fungi

1st December 2013

As the frosts have held off I nipped back to Earlham Cemetery to look for a rare cup fungus. It had been found by the Norfolk Fungus Study Group a few weeks ago when they had a foray there (unfortunately mid-week so I couldn't attend). I managed to find it, but it was rather far gone. So take this photo as a record shot, but have a look in a book or on google if you want to see what it normally looks like!

Sowerbyella radiculata

Whilst there I had another look at the Waxcaps and other bits and bobs. I still couldn't find the area with Blackening Waxcaps and Slimy Waxcaps in, so if you have come across either of those at Earlham this year then I'd appreciate directions for next year. I was told they were somewhere in section 6 if you look at a graveyard map. Whilst I was wandering around I saw a Coal Tit, and there were also lots of Redwings around.

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