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NORWICH: Local moth highlights

Late June/early July

In addition to leaf mines and bees, I've also seen some nice moths around Norwich in the past few weeks. Horehound Longhorn moth (Nemophora fasciella) is a scarce day-flying moth that I have been looking out for since one was seen at Whitlingham a few years ago. I finally managed to see one on my way home via Train Wood. Even then I almost missed it, as it was on some 2metre high Hogweed. Fortunately I noticed the antennae sticking up over the edge and having held my camera above my head, gently bent the stem down until I could see it.

A second highlight was an Orache moth, a rare migrant species (formally resident in East Anglia over 100 years ago) with bright mossy green areas. James Lowen had caught one, and kindly allowed me to pop over and have a look.

Other moths of interest were commoner species attracted to my garden for the first time, of which Elephant Hawk Moth, Green Silver-lines and Scallop Shell were all great to see.

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