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Whitlingham (9)

27th March 2009

Ignoring the weather forecast I went down to Whitlingham again, determined to find a migrant! Along the Little Broad a Mealy Redpoll was with the Siskin flock, showing a deep pink on the breast. Unfortunately the light was too poor for decent photos. At the edge of the Little Broad two Grey Wagtails flew along the bank, the third consecutive trip I've seen GW in the past few days, maybe new arrivals?

The conservation area was quiet, a Kingfisher along the river and three Little Grebes of note. Around the front the drizzle set in, but a nice bonus was a Black Swan gliding along. Having brought my camera, I was looking to get pictures of the geese, and had a look at a domestic-type goose, only to notice the two geese with it had Swan Goose-coloured necks. The beaks recall birds I saw last year, which I put down as Swan Geese. As they had knobs on the beak, internet research suggests it may be more accurate to say they were Chinese Goose (a domesticated form of Swan Goose) and the birds pictured are likely to be Chinese Goose x Greylag Goose. Interesting birds, and whilst looking at them, a hybrid Canada x Greylag swam into view as well.

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