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Scotland Trip

Over the past week I have been in Scotland having a bit of a birding extravaganza. Eagles, Grouse, Pine Martens, and even an Osprey from the pub. I am trying to keep the blog Norfolk-themed, but if you'd like to read where I went, and see some record shots then why not head off to for a full report.

Here's a taster...


Crossbill watching in Abernethy. You may recognise Adam from birding at reserves in Norfolk, he's the one that sits outside the hides.


  1. Capercaillie is a bird you have on me.

    I had an April 1999 trip to Scotland.
    Crested tit very close Abernethy 13 April 1999, dipped on earlier trips which included Glenshee ptarmigan 1987 and Scottish crossbills.

    My 1999 holiday had blizzards, so no white-tailed eagle at Gruinard in dreadful conditions. Weather improved when I reached Skye (fab place!) By the time I reached Fort William there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the top of Ben Nevis glinted in the snow.

    The following Autumn, white-tailed eagle ticked in Suffolk 31 Oct 1999 and bird stayed into 2000. A Norfolk tick soon after in Nov 99 at Wells and a Cockley Cley north Brecks Norfolk bird Dec 99 and again Mar 00.

    WT Eagle joins corncrake Cley 2000, and otter both Norfolk not seen in Scotland.

    Only black grouse sightings Swallow Moss Staffs (now locally extinct alas, as it was THE site) back in 1996.

    I need to get back up to the Highlands again:
    Need pine marten, plus insects chequered skipper butterfly; azure hawker and northern emerald dragonflies do not occur in England.

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the Capercaillie, I haven't got to 300 species yet so you have an awful lot on me! We managed to see almost all of the birds we went for, bar the seaducks. It would be nice to get WT Eagle in Norfolk, and we were too early for Corncrake.

    I haven't even thought about how many butterflies and dragonflies I need in the UK, I still need Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper and White-letter Hairstreak in Norfolk, plus Black Darter, Scarce Chaser and Downy Emerald plus the rarer Emerald damselflies.

  3. I am gripping some of the biggest Norfolk listers of all with corncrake.

    Dingy skipper Narborough railway track
    Grizzed skipper Foulden Common and overflow channel west of Stoke Ferry
    Black darter Dersingham Bog
    Scarce chaser Strumpshaw but better is Castle Marshes (south side of R Waveney west of Lowestoft near Barnby)
    Scarce emerald damselflies similar to common and are not that unusual in the Brecks. 'Rear end' appendages differ on two emerald damselflies