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MID-NORFOLK: White Rabbit

16th June 2012

Several times when coming home along the Fakenham road Cathy had seen an albino rabbit. I hadn't seen it, and was getting slightly concerned about her shouting "white rabbit! whenever we drove past."  Anyway, it turns out that there really was one.  It sits out on the verge quite happily as cars go past, then legs it into a burrow if you slow below 30mph.

Excuse for rubbish photos #57 - taken through a windscreen.


  1. I saw it too about a week ago. Same spot! Thought they are probably quite common and forgot all about it... But I bet they don't live very long! And in fact, I don't think I have seen one before in the wild.

  2. I don't remember ever seeing an albino before, and rabbits are everywhere in Norfolk so I think you're right about the short life expectancy! I have seen a couple of melanistic ones in recent years, one near Trowse and one near Dunston Hall.