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THORPE MARSH: Wood Sandpiper

24th June 2012

Following some heavy rain I went down to Thorpe Marsh to see if any passing waders had been deposited.  With no sign of any birds on the scrape, I walked past the cows and onto the riverside path.  The rain had completely saturated the long grass that has bent across the path, and accordingly this moisture was transferred to me.  By the time I had reached the bird screen my trousers were soaked.  By the time I had completed my lap enough water had collected to run into my socks.  The accompanying grass pollen had set off my hay fever, so by the time I had gone round to the cattle compound for a second look I was sneezing, wet and rather peeved. A couple of Lapwings had flown noisily onto the scrape, so I decided to wait a while longer, and I was rewarded with a Wood Sandpiper, which emerged from behind some rushes.  Shortly afterwards it flew up and out of view, and despite checking the shingle spit and river edges in case it had doubled back, I couldn't re-find it.

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