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BROADS: Can you identify this Carpet moth?

Earlier this week I got to examine a trap of moths caught in a garden in Barton Turf. Most of them were straightforward (and included a Ghost Moth, plus my first Miller and Small Angle Shades), but there was a carpet that I am unsure of and would welcome any opinions on.

Unknown carpet sp.
Female Ghost Moth
Peppered moth showing camouflage on a printed background


  1. I think it has to be Common Marbled Carpet

  2. Cheers. It could well be, but I just can't really find a picture that has the right shape and colour of the cross-band, and the jagged white line below. The closest I have got so far is the yellowy-brown form of Grey Pine Carpet.

  3. Our replies crossed! I was thinking Pine rather than Grey Pine because there seems to be quite a strong indentation into the orangey cross band. I've seen more Grey Pine than Pine, so I'm not very familiar with the species, but I think both species are rather variable.

  4. Hi Dave.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I also put the photo on the Norfolk moth survey yahoo group and Andy has suggested Spruce Carpet, so we are all on the same page at least!