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EAST NORFOLK: Whale time!

30th October 2013

The last day of my all-too-brief holiday, and I was due to spend it doing that great British pass-time, waiting at home for an Argos delivery. Cathy was getting ready to meet a friend in the city when I turned on the laptop and found out that yesterdays Humpback Whale was back off Winterton. A few phone calls later and my mother-in-law had agreed to come round and house sit and I could head off to the east coast. Cathy & Sophie had decided that whale watching sounded more fun than going for a coffee, so they came along too.

When we got as far as Stalham we called Gary to get a whale update, finding out that it was still off Horsey. This was around half an hour ago, so I decided to stop at Waxham and potentially head the whale off as it moved north. This idea was good in theory, but upon arrival we were told that the Humpback was still off Horsey and only visible just on the horizon. I couldn't see it, so we got back in the car and carried on to Horsey. We almost got stuck in some deep ruts in the car park, but finally got up into the dunes level with the whale. Even then it wasn't straight forward, as the whale was way out to see. We started seeing the air being blown out of the blowhole, and shortly after I finally saw the Humpback Whale itself, as a fin rose out of the water. We watched it for a while longer until it moved northwards, later being seen at Sea Palling.

Interestingly Carl Chapman, Norfolk's SeaWatch Foundation co-ordinator has suggested that there were in fact two Humpbacks involved as some pictures show a fin with some white markings on and some don't:

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