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NORWICH: A few more interesting fungi...

16th November 2013

With frosts (and maybe snow!) forecast this week, I popped back to Earlham Cemetery once more to try to see a few more species. My main target was a coral fungus called Ramaria flaccida. I had failed to find it last week, but Ian had given me some good directions and eventually I did manage to find some. It was starting to die off and blended in with the pine needles and leaf litter.

Next on the list was a white spindle fungus called Clavaria acuta, which can be hard to see growing in mossy ground.

Finally I went looking for some Earthtongues. These are difficult to assign to species, and it is complicated by more than one species growing together. That appears to be the case at Earlham, as a specimen that Ian took last week appears to be Trichoglossum hirsutum, but one of the ones I examined seems to be a Geoglossum sp based on the shape.

The cemetery has been excellent for fungi this autumn, and I still didn't catch up with Parrot Waxcap and Beaked Earthstar, so I'll certainly be back next autumn to look for those.

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