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NORTH NORFOLK: (Bats and) Chips

9th April 2014

On Tuesday evening we went to NE Norfolk to look for Barbastelle Bats. Before arriving at the roost site we headed to Walcott to get some chips to eat whilst we waited for the bats to wake up. Unfortunately we found out that the inhabitants of Walcott don't eat chips in the evening (at least this appears to be the case as every day except Friday the chip shop shuts at 3). We turned round and tried Bacton, where we just managed to get some chips before that shop shut too. With our precious potato-based meal we headed along the coast and parked up to await the emergence of some bats. Sundown came and went, and there was no sign of any bats. I got out and tried the bat detector at a range of frequencies, but not even a Pipistrelle. At least by trying early in the year there is plenty of time to try again later.

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