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Now I'm up-to-date: Trumpeter Finch

2nd June 2010
I had planned on getting an early train to Sheringham whilst crossing my fingers that the Trumpeter Finch had stayed the night. As it was I managed to get a lift, so me & Cath set off at 7 and arrived at Cley just after 8. Walking along the reserve I noticed that a pair of Mute Swans had two "Polish" cygnets. The other five were normal. I seem to remember that a few years ago one out of four was Polish, which together suggests that the parents are heterozygous for this mutation, which would of course be recessive. I think that it the first time I have used something from my degree since I graduated. The shame.
Anyway, we walked along East bank, seeing Bearded Tits and Sedge Warblers etc etc. The Trumpeter Finch had moved about a mile east of the end of East bank, but quite frankly I could have jogged it if I'd needed to. A small group of birders were watching it from a sensible distance, I had a look from a bit further back before joining them. The Trumpeter Finch was feeding quite contentedly, and as the sun came out the pinkish tinge to the body stood out, and despite the red beak and legs it blended in quite well with the shingle. We watched it for a while, also seeing a Wheatear, before heading back. As I was getting a lift we didn't stop to look for the Thrush Nightingale, although I later found out that it had gone anyway. Ironically a Marsh Warbler is now at Minsmere, but you can't win them all. On the way back to the car I saw my first Wall Butterfly of the year.

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