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Orchids & Insects

31st May 2010

About this time last year I remember reading Connor's Blog and seeing some great pictures of Military Orchids. I thought "ooh I'll go and see those", only to find out that the reserve only opens once a year. Nonetheless I remembered, and this year dad agreed to drive me there. The omens weren't good, it rained early on, and the thick cloud cover was bad for photography. The bright side is that the poor light is a great excuse for hundreds of out-of-focus pictures. My best effort is below, for some better ones check here. Incidentally the open day is usually on the second May Bank Holiday, however next year it is proposed to be Saturday 28th May. It's probably best to check with the Forestry Comission nearer the time if you plan to go.

After lunch I optimistically wanted to look for butterflies. We didn't really see many. However all was not lost, with my first Scarce Chaser dragonfly, and two day-flying moths, Mother Shipton and Burnet Companion.

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