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Whitlingham Orchids & Triathlon warning

27th June 2010
Another quick visit to Whitlingham before the England game. The only bird of note was a Grey Wagtail on the river just before Whitlingham Marshes. I had more luck with insects, seeing my first Ringlet of the year, along with Red Admiral, Comma etc. I went back to photograph the Mullein Moth caterpillars that I found last week, and also saw my first Cinnabar moth caterpillars (and one adult moth) of the year. Between the sewage works and the bypass a lone Bee Orchid spike was on the edge of the path and a number of Pyramidal Orchids are now flowering in one of the meadows.
In case anyone cares, Whitlingham is pretty much a no-go area next weekend as the Norwich Triathlon is on, so people will be swimming in the broad, running around the CP and biking down Whitlingham Lane. Good luck you crazy individuals.

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