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BEER: Burns Night

25th January 2011
A hypothetical scenario. Inspired by watching repeats of Who Do You Think You Are?, you've delved into your ancestry and found that you're 1/128th Scottish. That qualifies you to celebrate Burns Night. You go to Sainsbury's and buy some Haggis, but what can you drink with it? The only person to reply to this desperate request on Facebook is the eccentric and slightly camp posh guy you used to work with, who replies that "it's Pimms o'clock." You delete him, but you still have a drinking dilemma.
Well your problem is solved, the excellent Shepherd Neame brewery have brewed a special Burns Ale. As with a few of their beers details are sketchy (it isn't even mentioned on their website), but I managed to source this one from that well-known beer emporium that is North Walsham Lidl. Enjoy!

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