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WHITLINGHAM: Week 5 - Naff all and some Waxwings

29th January 2011


Another dreary Saturday morning at Whitlingham. What a difference a year makes, last year we had scarce grebes and ducks on every patch of clear water, this year I've been driven to praying for a Goosander or a Smew. I haven't heard of any at UEA this year, so it's not like I can go and grab one for translocation from there either. 40+ Siskin, 7 Wigeon and a few Shoveler were a level above the rest of the usual birds. Two year patch ticks were both seen from Trowse Meadows, Greenfinch (remember when they were common?) and Kestrel. On the way back to Cathy's I found a flock of Waxwings around the ring road, which eventually flew off south towards Old Lakenham.

The worst picture of Waxwings you are likely to see. Ever.

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