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YARE VALLEY: Savi's Warbler

16th May 2012

The chance to hear and even better actually see a Savi's Warbler within 10 miles of home was too good to pass up, and I managed to get a lift after tea on Wednesday to go and have a look.  I arrived at Tower Hide around 18:30, and was surprised that there were only four others in the hide.  Within a few minutes the Savi's began reeling, and I managed to get reasonable telescope views as it moved about the reeds.  It then disappeared from view, only to return briefly then drop down to the right.  Over the next hour the Savi's reeled for short periods, but seemingly from further right, out of sight in the reedbed.  The reeling was quite distinct from Grasshopper Warbler, I'm pretty sure I could call one if one were to ever turn up in my neck of the woods. Whilst there, a Bittern was booming close by and a Cuckoo flew past the hide, as well as the usual Marsh Harriers etc.  Congratulations to Ben on his find, and thanks to the RSPB for releasing news.  

The public service announcement:  Obviously as a Schedule 1 species, if you do go and have a listen stick to the Tower Hide, no tape luring or doing anything generally that would disturb it.


  1. Nice one James, glad you connected last night. The bird didnt show or reel any better after you left the hide, in case you were wondering. As you say I was surprised at how different the song was to gropper too!

  2. I am a bit pleased it didn't then show beautifully from a selfish point of view, but hopefully it will stick around to allow those who want to see it to connect. Good luck finding that third self-found tick of the month!