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7th January 2018

Having a free morning I decided to head over to East Norfolk where a Hume's Warbler had been found recently.
Cathy: "Where is it then?"
Me: Shangri-La
Cathy: "Does it have a fountain of eternal youth, and is it guarded by Yeti?"*
Me: "No, this is the Norfolk Shangri-La. It has some stunted trees and is guarded on one side by Seals".
Cathy: "It sounds miss-named"
Me: "You might have a point".

Driving out a flock of Pink-footed Geese flew over just after Salhouse and a big flock of Rooks were in the fields near Ingham. Knowing that there wasn't much parking available at Waxham I headed for Sea Palling. I intended to park in the small charity car park but it was shut - that made me remember I hadn't been here for years. I ended up parking in the pay and display car park, although judging from the multiple cars parked on double yellow lines on the road into the village perhaps normal parking procedures don't apply here.

As I started off on the coast path to Waxham a birder asked if I'd seen the Hume's Warbler yet, telling me that it had showed early morning but was still mobile. I hurried along to the Shangri-La garden, where I had missed the bird by about ten minutes. There were quite a few birders on site, but they kept coming and going. I was never sure if they were just checking the trees nearby or were watching it somewhere else. Eventually I gave up and headed back to the car. I knew I would probably see it if I put in enough time, but I'd said I'd be back at lunchtime and as gambling adverts tell you, if the fun stops, stop.

* people who have read the James Hilton novel might not recognise this description, but Shangri-La is guarded by Yetis in the critically slated film The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

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