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Introducing the NNNS 150 species project

A few readers might be aware that for the past few years I have been a council member of the Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists Society. In 2019 we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the formation of the society, which is a massive milestone (in comparison the Norfolk Wildlife Trust will shortly be 92). We will be doing a range of things to celebrate the 150 years, but one which we are currently planning is a book to be given to members (with some copies made available for sale to non-members) featuring 150 species with Norfolk links.

The 150 species will be a complete mixture of groups, some common and some rare, some spectacular and some overlooked, a few extinct and even one mythical! These have been suggested by our county recorders and whittled down from a larger list. Members can find the list (or 148 of them to be precise) at the back of Natterjack, which you should have just received or be receiving soon. Each species will have text written by a profiler, but we also want a photo, or if not then a drawing or painting of each. Clearly this will be easier for some than for others - we anticipate receiving lots of photos of Swallowtail butterflies, but has anyone photographed Large Dune Leafhopper (Doratura impudica)?

The challenge to anyone reading this is to supply a photo of any of the trickier species on the list - either already taken or by going out and finding them! I cannot guarantee that we will use all of the images, in an ideal world we will have several for each species and can pick from them. Ideally photos would be taken in Norfolk, but again being realistic there are some species that we will be happy to receive a photo from anywhere.

So, the subset of the 150 that I think are the trickiest (either in terms of rarity, location, difficulty in identifcation or obscurity) and therefore most in need of a photo are:
  • Marram Grass Chelifer (Dactylochelifer latreillei) - a pseudoscorpion
  • Ceutorhynchus querceti   - a weevil
  • Bledius filipes - a rove beetle
  • Diastictus vulneratus  - a dung beetle
  • Agabus striolatus - a water beetle
  • Psylliodes sophiae - a leaf beetle
  • Dolichopus laticola - a fly
  • Hybomitra muehlfeldi - a fly
  • Breck Robberfly (Machimus arthriticus)
  • Orange-horned Green Colonel (Odontomyia angulata) - a soliderfly
  • Banded Golden Hoverfly (Callicera spinolae)
  • Levels Duck-Hoverfly (Anasimyia interpuncta)
  • Microdon devius - a hoverfly
  • Sea Club-Rush Hoverfly (Lejops vittatus)
  • Giant Oak Aphid  (Stomaphis quercus)
  • Spiny Broom Aphid (Ctenocallis setosa)
  • Thyme Aphid (Aphis serpylli)
  • Large Dune Leafhopper (Doratura impudica)
  • Metalimnus formosus - a leafhopper
  • Platymetopius undatus - a leafhopper
  • Unciger foetidus - a millipede
You might have noticed the reference to a mythical species in my introduction. That wasn't a joke - famous devil dog Black Shuck has made the list! You'll do well to get a photograph of him, but it's a good opportunity for someone living in north Norfolk to take their big black dog out one night for a photoshoot, or perhaps for an artistic reader to come up with something?!

So what to do if you do have a photo of one of these species that you are happy for the NNNS to use for this project? (I should say at this point that your name will be credited with the image but we cannot offer payment) It might be that you have already been approached by one of the species profilers asking for pictures, in which case please send to them as requested. If you are an NNNS member then contact details for Hans Watson who is collating the pictures are at the bottom of the Natterjack article. If neither of these apply then please send me an email (whitlinghambirds 'at' and I will pass them on.

Thanks to anyone who can help, and keep an eye on the blog at the start of 2019 when the book will be released and more celebratory activities will be announced.

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