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SOUTH NORFOLK: Broom Heath fungi

17th October 2020

I keep a lookout for new places to visit, and earlier in the month had seen some nice pictures from Broome Heath, an area alongside some fishing lakes in southern Norfolk. We decided to visit one afternoon, and spent a pleasant hour or two. A particular highlight was a new species of fungus for me, Lactarius controversus. This is a large pale milkcap that bruises pinkish and grows with willows. It was quite common in two patches along the edge of the lakes.


There was quite a bit of Aspen around, and I recorded vacated leaf mines of Aspen Pigmy, Stigmella assimilella. The woodland edge was very good for fungi, a few of which are pictured below.

Aspen Pigmy
Fly Agaric
Oak Toothcrust
Wrinkly bum fungus
Common Puffballs
Bluefoot Bolete

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