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WHITLINGHAM: Soon with extra reedbed

1st March 2011

Whilst on the internet I happened to come across the winter 2010/2011 Whitlingham report, available here:

It answers one of my questions - it appears that the fenced off area of the Little Broad is going to be another private area for schools and educational activities. The bit that I'm not won over by is the decision to remove the last remaining open edge at the east end of the broad (and with it the last chance of passage waders) to create that desirable habitat "dense reedbed".

"To improve its potential as a haven for wildlife, the Little Broad at Whitlingham is to be planted with reeds along its eastern shore and around its fringes. Reeds have already grown naturally in some places and new planting will extend the reeds to form dense beds where warblers and waterfowl can live and breed."

"In a new project funded by Norfolk County Council who run Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre, a piece of land beside the Little Broad will be fenced off and planted with a screen of trees to create a secure site where groups from schools and other educational bodies can study nature.and other educational activities. Planting is due to start in spring."

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