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NORWICH AREA: Grey Wagtails

25th February 2012

An evening drive south of Norwich was owl-less, but we were rewarded with excellent views of a pair of Grey Wagtails.  Upon our arrival at a ford we had found last year there was no sign of activity, until Cathy spotted one of the wagtails right next to the car!  It flew across the road but soon returned, and perched up on a post just feet away.  Unfortunately the poor light meant that most of my photographs were out of focus.  Whilst I was attempting to take some in-focus shots, Cathy located the other bird, and the pair flew onto a piece of rubbish at the edge of the ford.  We also saw lots of Red-legged Partridges, fighting Pheasants and a Rat.

Close, but facing the wrong way
Facing the right way, but not enough light for a good photo

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