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WHITLINGHAM: Pre-spring lull continues

19th March 2012

Sunday was rainy, but I'd made up my mind to go out anyway.  Birdsong was rather muted, and I still haven't heard a Chiffchaff yet this year.  With nothing of interest around the Great Broad I headed into the woods, finding a calling Marsh Tit near the path.  Scanning Thorpe Marsh from the woodland viewpoint I picked out 2 Snipe and 6 Stock Doves.  A small green flower near the path further along was Moschatel, my first C.P. record, although that is simply down to me overlooking it previously.  Whitlingham Marsh was rubbish, although the path along the main road had some white Sweet Violets growing along it.  No sign of any Oystercatchers at the sewage works, and also no sign of the once ubiquitous Mistle Thrushes on the grass between the sewage works and the barns.  Hopefully next weekend will bring about a spring influx of some sort.

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