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WHITLINGHAM: A sunny lull

11th March 2012

A beautiful sunny day, which was eerily quiet despite the large number of families and dog walkers around the C.P.  Duck numbers had dropped noticeably, and it wasn't until I reached the conservation area that there was anything of note.  In the grass was a huge white egg, which had been predated.  Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the size, so I can't properly ID it (my ancient Observer's Book of Bird Eggs shows that Mute Swan and Greylag both have large white eggs, whilst Canada and Egyptian aren't mentioned).  Egyptian Geese are usually the first geese to fledge young here, so its early whatever it is.

On a more cheery note, a Yellow-legged Gull was near the Cormorant posts in the bay, there has certainly been more of these here in the past year or so.  Further round a male Sparrowhawk cruised past below the treeline, ensuring my patch year list ticked on by one.  Despite the weather I didn't see a single Butterfly.  For some reason (lack of foodplants?_ they aren't as numerous at Whitlingham as you might expect.  I don't recall ever seeing a Brimstone here for example.  I ended my visit looking at the farmland south of the Lime Tree Avenue.  Incidentally the short grassy area in the overflow carpark looks like a decent addition to the habitat, certainly somewhere to keep an eye on over the spring.


  1. Hi, enjoyed reading your blog very much. I have added you to my list of blogs to follow. If you get a moment take a look at my effort The Broadstairs Birder. Best Wishes Phil.

  2. Hi Phil.
    Many thanks for your comment. You've got some excellent photos on the blog, I have added it to my list of links and will have a proper read soon!