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31st May 2018

My visits to Whitlingham have been less frequent this year as I adapt to family life, so I took the opportunity to grab an hour there at the end of the month. There had clearly been an influx of Mute Swans, with 77 on the section of the Great Broad that I counted. I couldn't see many goslings, perhaps out of sight on the main island, but there was a brood of young Mallard ducklings. Once again I failed to hear a Willow Warbler or Cuckoo, although Blackcaps were still very obvious.

In non-avian highlights I saw a Helophilus trivittatus hoverfly on the picnic meadow, whilst there were two new moths for me in the form of a slim-line occupied larval case of Dark Elm Case-bearer, Coleophora limosipennella, and an adult Small Barred Longhorn moth, Adela croesella.

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