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Garganey Watch part 1

6th March 2010
March is the month in which I make various journeys to watercourses around Norwich looking for Garganey, only to retrospectively find out that one was seen the day after I looked. It's like a tradition. The earliest Whitlingham date (as far as I know) is March 10th, so today I went to UEA. Wildfowl on the broad was typically limited, 2 pairs of Great Crested Grebes and a male Goosander was about it. A number of marshy pools created by river flooding look more promising than the main broad, but they were birdless.
On the meadows nearby were three Green Woodpeckers, one of whom gave good views in the spring sunshine. There were also six Mistle Thrushes and several flocks of Redwing. At least one Redwing in the hedge alongside Bluebell Road was singing, the first time I can remember hearing anything other than calls. There was no sign of any Little Owls in the fields near the hospital, although the horse wandered over to stare at us.
On a totally unrelated note, I was sorry to see that the Worstead Festival has been cancelled this year. Following the demise of the Tunstead Trosh years ago there is now a serious lack of good summer village entertainment.

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