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12th August 2011

A good look around the country park, meadows, woods and marsh still failed to turn up any unusual birds (how I wish the White-winged Tern at Graffham had chosen Whitlingham instead). A couple of Common Terns were flying around the Great Broad, but that was it. From memory the number of Coot should be building up now, but it isn't. A few Blackcaps were eating Blackberries near the river, and a "bull-necked"-looking Marsh Tit may have been strung for Willow in the days of old. Whilst scanning the meadows for partridges I saw a large bug out of the corner of my eye, which it turns out is a Western Conifer Seedbug. Smart looking thing, but apparently a huge pest species accidentally imported to Europe from the USA. On the bright side we are quite low on Ruddy Ducks, so it'll give DEFRA something else to shoot.


  1. Hi. It is nice to pop over and get an update on what has been happening in my birth county. Raveningham on the Norfolk'Suffolk border. I hope to be visiting during September so I will keep looking in to see what is about.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment. By September there should be much more avian activity in the county so hopefully the blog will be of more use to you then!