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NORTH NORFOLK: Some Shorelarks and Geese

14th January 2012

In the afternoon we went to Holkham to have a look at the Shorelarks (or Shore Larks as I guess they are meant to be called.  I'm not having it).  The fields either side of Lady Anne's Drive were full of Pink-footed Geese, Wigeon and Moorhens, and Cathy saw a Firecrest in a Holm Oak at the end of the drive.  After walking around the bay we located the Shorelarks, albeit most of the time there was just a head sticking up from the vegetation.  By the time we got back to the car the Ross' Goose was visible with the Pink-footed flock, which was nice.  No luck with Rough-legged Buzzards towards Burnham, but we did see Lapland Buntings, a Barn Owl and loads of Grey Partridges.

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